Pastor Melvin Brooks

Pastor Melvin Brooks


Pastor Melvin Brooks was born in the Delta of Mississippi.  He is the youngest son of the late Willie Ed and Ethel Mae Brooks.  It was in the state of Mississippi that he received his elementary education.  After the death of his father, his mother thought it was best for them to relocate to Chicago, Illinois to join other family members.

As a small child it was quite evident to him and others that he would someday preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ. His boyhood pastor, Rev. C. L. Logan always referred to him as “preacher”.  Although ordained a Deacon at the young age of 16, he knew that God had a special calling on His life.  It was in February 1975, after much prayer, he adhered to the call of preaching God’s Word.  In 1980, on his 26th birthday, he organized and pastored the Center of Love Baptist Church in Chicago where he remained steadfast and faithful for 20 years.  After having learned many valuable lessons about life and ministry, and also feeling the inner nudge of the Holy Spirit, his experience at the Center of Love Baptist Church prepared him for further elevation from God.

In February 2000, Pastor Brooks in his obedience to God, relocated to Buffalo, New York where he accepted the call to pastor the flock at Cedar Grove Missionary Baptist Church.  It is proper to say, that under the direction of the Holy Spirit, Pastor Brooks restored life, vibrancy and ministry, rebuilding a church within a church that had been in existence for 45 years.  Under his leadership, numerous accomplishments and structural changes were made and many of the members had life-changing experiences.  The life changing experiences led to an addition to the name of the church; the once Cedar Grove Baptist Church is now known as The New Cedar Grove Life Changing Church.  Under Pastor Brooks’ leadership, his Bible-based teaching made a tremendous difference, in that, the church flourished financially, and the members developed a never-ending thirst for the Word of God.  Through Pastor Brooks’ own personal testimony of being healed, he has been instrumental in teaching members about trusting and believing God’s Word.

After 18 years of pastoral stability in Buffalo, on January 1, 2018, God led Pastor Brooks to take his pastoral gift south to the peach state, Georgia where he is now pastoring the Fairfield Baptist Church in Lithonia, Georgia.  He is looking forward to enhancing his predecessor’s legacy of becoming a city that sits on a hill by completing the city.  He also has high hopes of increasing the biblical knowledge of members through Christian Education and inspiring them to live for Jesus through teaching the word and continuing to organize discipleship programs.  Winning the lost, and a Bible based stewardship program will be paramount at Fairfield Baptist Church, it is a proven strategy that Pastor Brooks says works anywhere.

Pastor Brooks is a man with a vision who talks faith talk, saying it until he see’s it. He has purchased and renovated properties, partnered with Wells Fargo Bank in the Neighborhood Stabilization Revitalization Program providing housing for low income families, as well as created a 501c3 Community Development Corp.

Not only has he been a Pastor for 39 years, his involvement includes serving as a National Evangelist for over 30 years and he has also served locally, statewide, and also on a national level. Pastor Brooks is a former 3rd Vice Moderator of the New Fellowship District Association.  One of his most highlighted memories in ministry was preaching for the late great Rev. C. L. Franklin when he was only 24 years old. He has been blessed to be called upon to do many citywide revivals across this country, many Christian growth seminars, and other great causes for Christ.

Pastor Brooks united in holy matrimony with Lady Dorise Brooks in 1982. Pastor Brooks is a loving husband, father, grandfather, and great grandfather.  His favorite scripture is Galatians 6:9, “Be not weary in well doing for in due season you will reap if you faint not.”  Pastor Melvin and Lady Dorise Brooks are enjoying the blessings of their ministry at the Fairfield Baptist Church where they are embarking upon the theme: “There is More”