January 27, 2019 Taz Choudhury

M.E.D.A.L.S. Ministry

The Fairfield Baptist Church M.E.D.A.L.S. Ministry is designed to develop, inspire, cultivate, and encourage men of all ages. The ministry utilizes their spiritual gifts to support Christian brethren, in specific areas of need to edify their family, church and community. The men of the M.E.D.A.L.S. Ministry take pride in their roles as husbands, fathers, brothers and leaders in our community. These men come together united in Christ to fellowship, pray, assist one another, and others during periods of distress. They unite to engage activities that include, but not limited to: fishing, bowling, cemetery maintenance, grounds maintenance, quarterly breakfast meetings, men’s health fairs, golf, basketball and football games.

Fairfield Baptist Church