Official Logo of Fairfield Baptist Church, Inc.

  • The Cross

    The Cross is the universal symbol of the Christian Faith. It is slightly rugged to underscore the struggle through the years that Fairfield has upheld the principles of Christianity.

  • The Eagle

    The Eagle symbolizes resurrection, renewal, strength, protection and power. The Eagle’s Eye captures vision, the ability to see or observe with exceptional keenness.

  • The Dove

    The Dove represents the Holy Spirit in Christianity because the Holy Spirit descended upon Jesus Christ like a dove when He was baptized in the River Jordan. It also represents gentleness, purity and the messenger.

  • The Olive Branch

    The Olive Branch (carried by the Dove) symbolizes peace; gesture of conciliation or goodwill. “All is Well.”

  • The Circle

    The Circle surrounding the Dove and Olive Branch represents unity, oneness, togetherness, connectivity, wholeness; eternity.

  • The Link

    The Link symbolizes the people joined together in one continuous ban. “One cannot fall without the other.”

  • 1885

    1885, is the year Fairfield Baptist Church was founded.

  • Unity, Strength, Peace, Vision

    Unity, Strength, Peace, Vision, are all written words of the symbolic representations.

  • Colors

    Royal Blue, our church color, represents royalty and healing. It is a heavenly color, a holy covering;
    Gold, (Amber), demonstrates God’s Glory and His overbearingly bright and immediate presence; Blue and Gold, colors of a holy garment described in Exodus 28:1-5; White, as always represents purity and righteousness; and Green, signifies life.

  • Guarding the truth

    “. . . guarding the truth”, are words taken from the Mission Statement of Fairfield Baptist Church.

  • Note

    The Eagle is displayed as “guarding” those standards of the Churchy/Christianity that the world attacks.

Fairfield Baptist Church