Fairfield Baptist Church

The City That Sits On A Hill

Our Church was founded in 1885, by the Carol, Daniel, Durden and Mapp families. Reverend A.D. Freeman was given the awesome task to become the first pastor. The FIELD in which the initial church was erected was so FAIR they decided to name the church FAIRFIELD.

Fairfield has served the Redan and Lithonia area as a place of worship, praise and service to God and the community. Six other men were called to shepherd this church family; Reverend A.C. Collins, Reverend Zack Brown, Reverend C. L. Nall, Reverend Micheal Benton, Reverend Melvin Brooks, and Reverend Eric George Vickers, Sr., all strong men of God proclaiming Jesus as Lord.

The church membership has grown over the years from a brush arbor to the present campus. Many have come from all over to make Fairfield their place of fellowship. To accommodate the growth, additional land was purchased and larger facilities were built.

Fairfield stands as a beaconing light in the community. Its lights illuminating the love of Christ, as the church sitting on the hill, that cannot be hidden.

Fairfield Baptist Church